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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Art and Craft College

History of Art

The History of Art is the common and compulsory subject for the BFA course. As the name suggest, the subject of History of Art is the study of World visual art. Since the dawn of history, and the beginning of mankind, human being were found engaging themselves in visual endeavour. Thus, visual art is a constant and continuous effort of humans produced for communication, aesthetic, or expression of individual emotion. And the subject endeavours to study such objects of visual art in their historical development and context with the aim of studying the objects of art in the context of its time. Simultaneously, the subject studies the objects of art considering its visual and stylistic aspects also. The subject examines the works of art through the analysis of the style, philosophy, and aesthetic considerations. It also necessitates to examine the works of art through the analysis of form, use of line, shape, colour, texture, space, and composition. Furthermore the subject also endeavours to examine the aspects such as social, cultural, economic, aesthetic and religious values that are associated with the different art forms

The History of the Art syllabus of the BFA course studies the history of art from its dawn i.e. from the prehistoric art and subsequently the art of the different civilizations. Gradually the subject deals with the development of the Indian Art as well as the Western Art , Art of the Middle East and Far Eastern Art. Thus, the subject endeavours to study the history of the visual art in its historic as well as stylistic development through time. Finally, there is the effort to grasp the modern and contemporary developments in the field of visual art through the subject. Alongside, an efforts are made to grasp the artistic heritage of the state too.