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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Art and Craft College

Vision and Mission

  • ART EDUCATION is an area of learning that is based on visual, tangible arts- drawing, painting, sculpture and design in varied forms. Designs may be applied in more practical fields, such as commercial graphics, home furnishings, communicative designs including photography, commercial ads, film, digital arts etc. It focuses on specific skills, techniques, art criticism and art history. Teaching for artistic behavior was a theory that was perhaps developed by our ancestors. It suggest that the student should be the artist, be guided on own artistic interest, through techniques lesson, criticism, be exposed to art history and apply and relate it to their own works.

    Art students not only learn to manipulate traditional & modern tools and mediums, but in the creation process learn to perceive, conceive their individual work of art as representation of themselves as well as understand and respect the representation by other artist and artisans. Most importantly he learns to respect and accept other cultures and civilizations in today's world of Globalization, while also taking in pride of one's own identity.

    Therefore the vision and mission of our Art Education is to prepare children with artistic capabilities on the above mentioned lines and imparting the right direction of knowledge required to mould oneself into an aesthetic personality, while also preparing to adapt oneself to the creative world. He or she is also prepared to have a profession with teaching art, and the professional media with the right communicative skills, and also be an artist of repute, subjective to the views that he uses his creativity in the right direction.